Where great food and great locations come together.

Our diverse portfolio of brands provides something for everyone’s lifestyle and we appreciate the variety that comes from working with all of them. We believe dining and drinking are experiences to be enjoyed, even cherished.

Aki taking its name from akitsu, which means ‘dragonfly’, AKI which is located in Valletta, Malta aims to reflect the elegance and sophistication this insect demonstrates in its sleek body and flying pattern.

The restaurant and lounge bar are inspired by the decisiveness of the dragonfly, called by Japanese people the ‘victory insect’ due to its excellent hunting skills and perseverance.

Modern Japanese cuisine is prepared by our highly-trained and skillful chefs using the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. Savour our enticing selection of sushi, tapas-style dishes together with a selection of meat and fish dishes expertly grilled on our Japanese robata grill allowing you and your friends to feast on a variety of exciting dishes.

Match our culinary creations with an extensive beverage list which features a diverse list of wines, cocktails and Japanese Sake.

AKI puts a distinct spin on familiar Japanese flavours, leading you onto new and exciting gastronomic journeys.

Our ambience and music offer a perfect setting for our guests to relax and enjoy a lovely meal; we invite you to join us for lunch, dinner or drinks, where our team will take care to deliver a memorable experience.

Amami was inspired by the Goddess of creation, Amamikju. The Amami islands, named after this goddess, are located southwest of Kyushu which is the third-largest island of Japan’s five main islands.As the myth goes, the Heavenly Emperor Amamikju gathered grasses, trees and stones to build the islands. This process of creation is a source of inspiration for us to source the best produce and the finest ingredients. Whether we are preparing sushi or any other creative dish, these ingredients and our talented team, enable us to serve our guests with Japanese influenced creations every day. We have full respect towards this Asian cuisine, and we extend this admiration to the way we serve our guests.

We are also grateful to be in this bright and sensational space in Mellieha with sea views adorning our guests’ eyes. We welcome you to join us for lunch or dinner and our team will have the pleasure to share our dedication towards what we know how to do best.

Blu Beach Club is located where the popular Tunny Net restaurant used to be, at the bottom of Marfa Hill in Mellieha, just before you reach the db Seabank Resort and Spa. Located right on the water’s edge, Blu Beach Club is a unique location ideal for seaside relaxation during the day and buzzing with activity from morning till night.

Nine Lives is a carefully curated space on Perched Beach in St. Paul’s Bay, that gives you the opportunity to treat yourself throughout the day. Inspired by the life of a cat, you can lay down and rest on our comfortable sun beds and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in our high-quality restaurant. At night the mood changes and the music become an integral part of the experience, whether you are having a good time with your partner or a group of friends.

Sonora bar and restaurant is located in a very picturesque part of St. Paul’s Bay, close to the tourist resorts of Bugibba and Qawra on the grounds of the Sirens Waterpolo pitch.

For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come next door and sate your desires with our ever changing internationally and seasonally inspired small plates.  We love food, lots of different food, just like you.

We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

Westreme restaurant in Mellieha designed to entertain the whole family for lunch and dinner in a bright space with breath-taking views of Mellieha Bay. The variety of food available makes sure that both parents and kids get to enjoy their meal in a welcoming environment.

Whilst making sure all pizza lovers are happy, we have also created dishes that will enrich your meal. These include a selection of pastas and meats. A dedicated healthy menu for kids was also developed.

The restaurant is also equipped with a dedicated area for children to entertain themselves safely.

Our name is derived from the historically significant Westreme Battery that is located just around the corner. Built by the Order of St. John in 1715, this was the first line of Défense breached by the French invaders in 1798. Over the years, the building was modified, restored, and adapted for different uses. Today, only parts of it remain standing as a lasting testament to its illustrious past.

Westreme is also available for private functions that may include celebrations and birthday parties.

Nestled in the Sirens coastal area near the historic Wignacourt Tower in St. Paul’s Bay, LOA is one of the first modern restaurants to launch within this tourist-favourite destination that is currently experiencing significant renewal. The restaurant’s identity pays homage to two elements found in South American cultures, namely the ancient Río LOA—Chile’s longest river which spans over 440km—and the fascinating LOAs goddesses, each of whom offers protection and counsel in return for ritual service expressed through sacred rhythms, songs, and dance.

LOA is a South American Restaurant and Lounge Bar that showcases the best Nuevo Latino Cuisine, which fuses traditional latin flavours with the latest global cooking trends.

Amami Food Bar is the sister restaurant of Amami, with a twist. Further extending our admiration towards Asian cuisine.

Explore the taste of Asia at Amami Food Bar. Whether you’re on-the-go, busy or running on a fast schedule! We look forward to offer you an exquisite experience…